Mobile Simplicity has a wide range of expertise allowing us to provide services for everyone from the person with a great idea to the developer with a completed program. All of the services below can be purchased as a package or individually.

Idea gestation - Nurture your idea into reality. We will work with you to refine your application idea and assess feasibility, market potential, and cost.

Design - Craft your idea. We can design everything from the front-end interface to the back-end database structure.

Development - Build from the ground up. Our team of experienced developers are experts at programming everything from simple utilities and news feeds to sophisticated games and social networking apps.

Distribution - Monetize your product. As an Apple approved iTunes distributor we can distribute your program and help you to start making money.

Marketing - Spread the word. We have an experienced marketing team to help drive your application's sales. Let us help you develop a marketing program that fits your budget.

Support services - Build customer relationships. We provide the services you need to support your program's success including everything from setting up web and email hosting to providing a service support team.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you with your mobile application needs.